Spring Cleanse Shrubs - Part 1 - Pyewackets Traditional

Spring Cleanse Shrubs - Part 1

Spring shrubs part 1 

A lot of people ask us about the functional elements and ingredients of our Shrub cordials. 

All of our products are made with 100% real ingredients. Real herbs, real fruit, cold pressed juice, that is fermented, and long infused in raw apple cider vinegar. I like to say, if it’s not an ingredient, your great great grandmother would recognise in her pantry. We won’t use it. (This includes in ‘natural’ flavourings colourings, essences, fruit concentrates, and fake sugars)

With all of this said, there are a couple of Shrubs that really go above, and beyond when it comes to offering functional benefits, especially in the spring, a great time for cleansing. Over the next couple of weeks we’ll outline some of our favs for spring- and why they might be so good for us this time of year. 

Emerald City: 

Our green combination- it is a shrub of cold pressed celery & green apple juice, fresh garden grown mint, and chlorophyll from alfalfa. 

Celery: Has made a bit of a buzz over the last few years. Many of the wellness claims are indeed backed by science. We know this green beauty:

-Increases elimination of wastes through the kidney and liver- including uric acid which can contribute to pain and inflammation.

-It’s chalk full of antioxidants and anti inflammatory phytonutrients which reduce oxidative stress and aging in the body. Antioxidant-rich diets are linked to lower rates of chronic ailments, including heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and certain cancers. They may also boost your skin's health. 

-High in nutrients, b vitamins, calcium, potassium, vitamins C, A and K. 

Green Apples: The humble apple a day. 

Excellent sources of:

-Vitamin A which benefits vision and immunity. Vitamin C and antioxidants to promote immune defenses and healing/repair of tissues in aging and injury. 

-Plant chemicals known as polyphenols which have been shown to have cardiovascular benefits as well as being supportive to the respiratory system in conditions including allergies and asthma. Brain health, healthy blood sugar balance/weight loss and skin health have also been associated with cloudy apple juice. 

*We list benefits and values for foods and herbs that are backed by scientific evidence, traditional use and clinical experience. There is a lot of misinformation in the ‘wellness’ world and it is never our intention to make claims or recommendations on individual peoples health here. The understanding of the value of foods and herbs to human health is a constantly evolving process and needs to be updated from time to time, debunked and clarified. More major research is needed. Ultimately, our products are intended to be used as functional foods in addition to a diet complete with whole foods from a variety of sources. The sum total of all of these things can contribute to health overall.