frosty short whiskey glass with orange wheel garnish in the foreground with a bottle of lyres american malt and pyewackets aromatic bitters in the background
flat lay of the kit with lyres american malt non-alcoholic spirit and pyewackets aromatic bitters and a glass with orange wheel garnish
Booze Free Old Fashioned Kit
Booze Free Old Fashioned Kit

Booze Free Old Fashioned Kit

Taking non-alcoholic spirits to the next level this kit makes it easy to use aromatic bitters for complexity and an old fashioned sugar cube to create a smooth mouth feel and viscosity.  

Contains everything you need to make a delicious non-alcoholic Old Fashioned:

1 x 50ml Aromatic Bitters 

1 x 700ml Lyres American Malt non-alcoholic spirit

4 x sugar cubes 

4 x orange garnish wheels 

Ok, it doesn't contain the ice cube. You will need your own ice cube. 


Includes gift wrapping if you write a personalised note at checkout and we will write it in the card for you. 


* Also yes, bitters contain alcohol. Similar to a herbal remedy or vanilla essence, bitters are so concentrated only tiny amounts are ever used at once. 

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