Limited Edition: Gunpowder Peach
Limited Edition: Gunpowder Peach

Limited Edition: Gunpowder Peach

Our Summer 2021 limited edition shrub is smokey peaches and gunpowder green tea

Made with whole yellow peaches & organic gunpowder green tea, blended with a touch of smoke and vanilla, this shrub is equal parts sweet and peaty. The smoke is subtle enough to be mysterious but strong enough to lend depth. 

Summer is for stone fruit. Genna is from Canada so she knows some things about peaches. Over there, peaches from the Okanagan Valley are the pinnacle. Those cold winters make the sweetest fruit. We don’t know what kind of magic happened in Australia this last year, but this season's peaches have been the best we’ve tasted in ages, and so it was time to potentise their classic summer flavour into a shrub with a punch.

Gunpowder green tea packs a punch, having a strong antioxidant profile, anti-inflammatory action, stimulating to metabolism and a slight buzz of caffeine. 

This seasonal beauty tastes perfect at 35mls of shrub with 200ml of soda water and ice. Garnish with fresh stonefruit, or try adding a squeeze of fresh lime juice. 

For a boozy mixer try vodka, rum or bourbon. 

Like all our seasonal micro-batches this baby is available until sold out. 

Lovemore Fermentary, 59b Bridge Street, North Lismore, NSW, Australia