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Our take on the classic lemon lime bitters made with real fruits and herbs. This low sugar version still brings all the flavour and perfection of sweet, sour and bitter just without the artificial colours and flavours.

Contains all you need to make refreshing and carefully balanced drinks. Just add soda water and ice. 

The Cute gift box contains a 200ml bottle of Rosemary Lemonade Shrub (makes 6 drinks) and a 50ml bottle of Aromatic Bitters (will make about 25 drinks) beautifully gift wrapped in a gift box with a recipe card and gift tag.

The Serious gift box contains a 500ml Rosemary Lemonade shrub (makes 14 drinks) and a 100ml bottle of Aromatic Bitters (will make about 50 drinks 🤣) beautifully gift wrapped in a gift box with a recipe card and gift tag. 

🎁 If it is a gift, we can write a personalised message on the card for you - let us know in the Notes section at checkout. 

🍹 As this gift box contains a shrub, it needs to be kept in the fridge at all times.

Do Lemon Lime Bitters contain alcohol? Whilst a classic choice for non-drinkers, traditional bitters do contain alcohol - it's just used in very small amounts. 

How to use

Pyewackets Botanical Lemon Lime Bitters Recipe :

Build in a tall glass full to the top of ice.
Add 2mls (thats about 40 drops or a couple of droppers full) of aromatic bitters.
Pour a shot (35ml) of rosemary lemonade shrub and top up the glass with 200ml of soda water. Garnish with citrus or seasonal fruit.


Gift Box contains:
100ml Aromatic Bitters -
Organic Pure Alcohol*, orange peel*, fresh ginger*, schisandra berry*, vanilla pod, milk thistle seed, cassia cinnamon*, star anise*, fresh holy basil, coriander seed*, dill seed*, gentian root*, pink peppercorns*, fresh bay leaf, fresh oregano leaf

All herbs are *organic, homegrown or ethically foraged.

500ml Rosemary Lemonade Shrub
Cold Pressed Lemon Juice, Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Raw Sugar, Fresh Rosemary.

pyewackets rosemary lemonade shrub and aromatic bitters
Botanical aromatic bitters and rosemary lemonade shrub
botanical lemon lime bitters kit from pyewackets traditional
lemon lime bitters pyewackets botanical style recipe card
Lemon lime bitters gift wrapped box
Small gift wrapped lemon lime bitters gift box