It is our mission to re-wild your taste buds. We want to tell a story with traditional plants in drinks, tonics and herbal tinctures. We want to awaken a long forgotten memory of what natural flavours can actually taste like and deliver nutrition and functional benefits every time.

We endeavour to support sustainability, both in our food systems and local communities by working closely with the land, the farmers around us and by utilising what would otherwise be wasted. We want to make this all so delicious that even if you just want it tasty, you’re with us. 

Genna Pyewacket and fresh Rhubarb for shrub

Meet Genna

Naturopath, herbalist and nutritionist with over 25 years clinical and practical hands on experience. Genna grows many of the fresh herbs used in our formulations, scours the countryside for fruity abundance to utilise and formulates all of our creations based on both function and flavour. Her intimate knowledge and expertise in herbal medicine and nutrition navigate every recipe. She also makes all our products in slow small batches. This passion is the magic X factor you can feel in our drinks.

Our Values

  • Real Plants 🍉

    If you're grandmother wouldn't recognise it, we wouldn't use it. We take no short cuts to flavour. No extracts, no colours, no flavourings. Not even 'natural' ones. Just Plants.

  • 1% for the people 🖤💛❤️

    We pay our respects and we 'pay the rent'. Each quarter we donate 1% of revenue to Aboriginal organisations. Most recently this has been NSW Aboriginal Legal Service.

  • Waste Not 🍋

    Made from locally grown abundance and a desire to use what would otherwise be wasted. Late season 'ugly' limes mixed with coriander thats gone to flower makes for a delicious shrub.