Collection: Apple Cider Vinegar Tonics

The infusing and potentising of herbs, roots and fruit in vinegar dates back to the earliest recorded traditional medicines. These tinctures, known as acetums, were staple remedies used by Hippocrates himself. Sometimes called Master Tonics, the tradition of Fire Cider is long and there are many variations. We use certified organic apple cider vinegar and each batch is infused for a minimum of 10 months. 


    Immune Support

    Inspired by the traditional formulas used by western herbal medicine practitioners for decades. It’s full of local fresh organic garlic, ginger, turmeric, chillies, and organic horseradish to get the blood moving, clear the sinuses, and stimulate the immune system into action.

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    Adrenal Support

    Deeply nourishing and calming our adrenals and nervous system (as well as our taste buds) with adaptogenic herbs, elderberries and medicinal mushrooms providing the body with antiviral and antimicrobial good stuff to keep you fighting fit.

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    Digestive Support

    Slow infused herbs and pawpaw leaf, this tonic is best enjoyed with cold sparkling water to stimulate and soothe and support digestion before and after meals.

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