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Do I have to keep Pyewackets shrubs in the fridge?

Yes. Our shrubs are preserved through fermentation not pasteurisation so the mother culture is still alive and active. They are fine out of the fridge for a day if you are travelling or taking them to a picnic but in general yes, keep them cool.

They won’t go ‘bad’ or ‘off’ but because they are a live ferment, they can get fizzy! For this reason we recommend you keep the shrubs refrigerated. If you think your shrub got a little too warm, open it very carefully and slowly over the sink in case it bubbles out. It will still be perfectly fine to drink but it can be a bit messy and we don’t want that for you.

How long will the shrubs last in the fridge?

We send you shrubs with at least 6 months best before dates. As long as they are kept in the fridge they will be fine long after this date but we're confident you will have finished them before that happens.

Are shrubs safe during pregnancy?

Absolutely! Shrubs are fantastic while pregnant, as they are 100% alcohol free, loaded with vitamins from fresh fruit and support digestive health. Shrub mocktails can be especially great for special occasions so you never feel left out.Watermelon BasilandPineapple Minttend to be most popular.

Do shrubs contain alcohol?

No, shrubs are 100% alcohol free. They are safe for children, pregnant people, and those strictly abstaining from alcohol.

Do shrubs contain sugar?

Yes. We use a little raw sugar to kick start the fermentation process, providing food for the beneficial bacteria. Other than that, most of the sweetness in our shrubs comes from the fruit content. Once diluted our shrubs are a low sugar drink.


Do Pyewackets bitters contain alcohol?

Yes. We make our bitters the traditional way using certified organic pure grain alcohol to extract all the delicious flavours and properties of the herbs and plants in the tincture. The amount that is used is so small that it is not considered an alcoholic drink when mixed with soda or in a lemon, lime bitters.

Do bitters have sugar?

Some do. Ours do not.

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I live outside Australia, do you ship internationally?

Thanks for your interest! Currently we only ship within Australia but maybe one day we will send internationally.

Do you have any discounts or special offers?

Occasionally we do! Our monthly newsletter is the best place to get discounts. Sign up here

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