Flora Cider Digestive Tonic

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A fresh spin on the classic dry aperitif.

This concentrate is truly functional, alcohol free and layered with fragrance, colour and a hint of bittersweet. Inspired by the flavours of traditional aperitifs, Pyewackets Flora Cider is a non-alcoholic apple cider vinegar tonic blended by our naturopath to bring daily digestive support. 

What does it do?

  • Carminative herbs relieve bloating, cramping and stomach upsets.

  • Bitters stimulate bile flow, improve digestion and support liver function.

  • Demulcents soothe and heal inflammation. 

  • Plant enzymes from fresh papaya leaf and raw apple cider vinegar stimulate digestion and improve GORD.

  • Prebiotics to feed good gut bacteria and contribute to balanced bowel function.

200ml makes 13 drinks. 500ml makes 33 drinks. 

How to use

Pour 1 to 2 tablespoons of Flora Cider in a glass of cold sparkling water with ice. Can be taken before or after meals with the intention of stimulating the appetite and supporting digestion and detoxification.

It can also be enjoyed in still water, room temperature or hot water - whichever feels right to you.


Certified organic raw apple cider vinegar with mother*, fresh papaya leaf, globe artichoke leaf*, marshmallow root, chamomile*, peppermint*, lemon grass*, lemon balm, vervain, raw local honey, inulin (Jerusalem artichoke), pea flower*, orange blossom water.

The age old practice of slowly extracting and potentising herbs in vinegar is what our tonics are all about.

200ml amber glass bottle of flora cider digestive tonic
Flora cider tonic digestive to help digest the picnic
small and large bottles of flora cider aperitif tonic from pyewackets traditional
500ml amber glass bottle of pyewackets flora cider tonic digestive
Illustration that reads: Flora Cider Tonic Aperitif, Digestive & Uplifting