Limited Edition: Summer Berry Horchata Shrub

Limited Edition: Summer Berry Horchata Shrub

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Our latest seasonal shrub offering is inspired by the fruity rice based Aqua Fresca that is served as a welcome drink and daily thirst quencher in Mexico and South America. 

Our Summer Berry Horchata is a blend of locally grown blueberries, blackberries and strawberries, blended with organic rice and infused with allspice and nutmeg. The result is a lavishly creamy, luxe shrub that makes you think of fruits of the forest or berry sorbet.  

Horchata is a sweet, slightly creamy, totally luxurious, spiced and fruity dream come true. It originated in the Middle East and Africa, where nuts and various grains were blended in water with spices to create health tonics. The tradition travelled via the Moors to Spain and from Spain to Mexico -and so this tradition grew. 
Like all our limited edition seasonal shrubs, this baby is available online and in 200ml bottles only. Not to be missed 

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