Emerald City green Shrub syrup for botanical sodas
Emerald City shrub syrup in amber glass with a bunch of celery behind and a glass of emerald city shrub soda with mint garnish
large emerald city shrub

Emerald City Shrub

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All you get is green power with this shrub. Celery, green apples, fresh homegrown mint, and chlorophyll- this shrub harmonises. The ultimate rehydration after a hot day or work out, or spike with good vodka if you're feeling it.


Available in 200ml and 500ml. 

Pop it in the fridge when you get it. 


Cold Pressed Green Apple juice, Cold Pressed Celery juice, Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Raw Sugar, Fresh Mint, Chlorophyll (from Alfalfa). 



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Lovemore Fermentary, 59b Bridge Street, North Lismore, NSW, Australia