Limited Edition: Lime & Coriander
Limited Edition: Lime & Coriander

Limited Edition: Lime & Coriander

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This seasonal micro-batch shrub utilises the abundance of limes we were invited to harvest from a friend's property recently.  We traded shrubs with our friends at Hanging Rock Farm for armloads of fresh organic coriander and this precious shrub, one of our personal favourites, is here to bring in summer. 

Of course, we love it because lime and coriander shrub quickly makes the perfect margarita- just a shot of tequila and a shot of shrub, topped with lots of ice and just a splash of soda water. Yet don't be fooled by our tequila loving ways - this shrub is a non-alcoholic treat mixed with just soda water for a fresh botanical soda. ⠀

Amongst all of this tastiness and celebration let’s not forget, coriander chelates heavy metals, is full of antioxidants and supports healthy lymph and skin. 

This baby, like all our seasonal micro-batches, is only available here direct from us. 


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