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Limited Edition: Mandarin & Pine
Genna harvesting mandarins from her back garden.
Limited Edition: Mandarin & Pine
Katrina harvesting pine needles with mount chincogan in the background

Limited Edition: Mandarin & Pine

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Fruity and fragrant. This shrub is made with abundance we foraged ourselves. Juicy ripe mandarins picked at sunset by Genna in her backyard and young pine needles gathered by Katrina from her farm. 

Traditionally shrubs were used to preserve fruits and herbs when in abundance for later, reducing food waste and preserving nutrition. This shrub really is made in this spirit, capturing what we have growing in abundance now and preserving it for later (or until sold out).

Radiata pine is native to what we now call California. Introduced to Australia in 1870 as a fast growing multipurpose timber, it grows a little too well in the Northern Rivers and outside of plantations is considered a weed. Radiata pine is valued in traditional medicine for its high vitamin C and used for respiratory and conditions. 

We make seasonal shrubs simply because we love local, seasonal fruit. Traditionally shrubs were used as a way of preserving fruit at the height of the harvest. Seasonal shrubs are a way for us to keep this tradition alive. Like all our limited edition seasonal shrubs, Mandarin and Pine is only available here directly from us. 

Ingredients: Seasonal cold pressed mandarins grown and harvested by us, incredible aged raw organic apple cider vinegar, local raw sugar, wild harvested pine needles picked on the full moon, naked.

Wild and True.


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