Davidson plum & Vanilla shrub bottle held in front of davidson plum plant foliage
Large bottle of davidson plum and vanilla shrub
Davidson Plum & Vanilla Shrub
Davidson Plum & Vanilla Shrub

Davidson Plum & Vanilla Shrub

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Davidson Plum and Vanilla

Tangy, tart with a punch of bright red colour, we added soft, sweet vanilla to this seasonal rarity. The resulting flavour is reminiscent of a traditional cream soda but with a native Australian twist. 

Davidson plum species are native to Northern NSW and QLD.  Our Davidson Plum shrub is made from mixed species all harvested at peak season in the rainforests of Terania Creek NSW. 

A comparative study done by the RIRDC (Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation) of Davidson plum vs blueberries found that: 

  • the antioxidant capacity of davidson plum was 2.7 times higher than that of blueberries 
  • a lutein content twice that of Blueberries
  • an Anthocyanin content greater than Blueberries
  • a similar folate level
  • a similar Zn (zinc) level
  • higher levels of the minerals Mg (magnesium), Ca (calcium), P (phosphorus), K (potassium), Mn (manganese) and Cu (copper)
  • Na (sodium) levels 3.6 times lower

She’s a superfood, there’s no doubt. 


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