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Benefits of Flora tonic

Flora Cider illustration

I set out to create a non alcoholic aperitif that wasn’t all talk- that really does what it says and follows in the traditions of herbal medicine, actively supporting and enhancing digestion. Flora strikes the perfect balance of functional and delicious. 

Our digestive system can be seen as a long assembly line of actions, each dependent on the process before it to perform optimally. So I specifically wanted to create a digestive tonic that would help at every stage. 
Each ingredient plays a part: 

Fermented papaya leaf 
Contains papain a digestive enzyme which helps to break down proteins. This supports the stomach, reducing bloating, burping, heartburn and GORD symptoms.

Globe Artichoke leaf
Another stomach support, known as a cholagogue - this class of herbs stimulates bile flow, supporting fat digestion and helps to move the bowels. It also is a major liver detox herb.

The whole gang of my favourite aromatics to relive wind, cramping, bloating and indigestion are here- Peppermint, chamomile, vervain, lemon balm & lemon grass. Settles the tummy and leaves you feeling light.

Marshmallow root
A herb from the category called demulcents, used to sooth inflammation and provide healing polysaccharides to areas that are irritated from dietary and lifestyle aggravations.

A soluble fibre and polysaccharide know as a fructan. These sugars aren’t absorbed by our body but instead feed the good bugs in our gut (think of it like fertilising the garden). Feeding your own endogenous beneficial bugs is superior to adding in new bugs in the form of probiotics (but by all means do both!) Our inulin is derived from Jerusalem artichoke.
Apple cider vinegar
While the benefits of our favourite medium are many, in digestion we know that it’s excellent for promoting stomach function, relieving bloating, heartburn and indigestion. Apple cider vinegar is also important in promoting specific muscular actions in the small intestine- helping food move along and preventing SIBO (keeping the right bugs in the right spots). Our raw unpasteurised apple cider vinegar contains beneficial bacteria and promotes a healthy microbiome. It also supports healthy blood sugar and promotes a sensation of fullness and satisfaction, which eases cravings and prevents over eating.

To make the Flora tonic even more special, we infused Butterfly pea flower to create the most delightful shade of mauve, orange blossom water for a delicious smell and a dot of raw local honey to soften and soothe. Flora is dry, floral, tangy and bittersweet. 

We recommend starting with a tablespoon or 15ml in chilled sparkling water (or still if you prefer) and building to your taste. I enjoy mine after lunch as a pick me up and to prevent the afternoon crash or before meals to get the party started. But any time you want for an elegant digestive, to lighten the digestive load, reduce cravings, or uplift, Flora tonic is your gal.
Genna Pyewacket