Limited Edition: Ruby Grapefruit & Galaxy Hops

Limited Edition: Ruby Grapefruit & Galaxy Hops

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Our latest mid-winter Seasonal Shrub. We are so excited about this one! Ruby grapefruits and galaxy hops. It’s sour, bitter, fruity and pink. Basically perfect. 

Inspired by one abundant grapefruit tree in our friend's yard - we juiced those giant ruby jewels and blended with hops. Galaxy hops to be specific, known for its passionfruitiness and calming action on the nervous system. (Also known for making that first sip of a cold Stone and Wood Pacific Ale so delightful). 

Our seasonal shrubs are made in micro batches and only available online or from us directly at the Lovemore Fermentary in Lismore. Quantities are limited but don't worry - we already have another seasonal shrub brewing. 

Can’t wait to make Mimosas and Palomas 

Lovemore Fermentary, 59b Bridge Street, North Lismore, NSW, Australia