Limited Edition: Ruby Grapefruit & Galaxy Hops

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Fresh ruby grapefruits and galaxy hops. It’s sour, bitter, fruity and pink. Basically perfect. 

Inspired by one abundant grapefruit tree in our friend's yard - we juiced those giant ruby jewels and blended with hops. Galaxy hops to be specific, known for its passionfruitiness and calming action on the nervous system. Hops are best known for flavouring beer but have a long history of use in herbal medicine too. This shrub is a flavour delight. 

Traditionally shrubs were used as a way of preserving fruit at the height of the harvest. Limited edition, seasonal shrubs are a way for us to keep this tradition alive.

Can’t wait to make Mimosas and Palomas 

How to use

Mix 35ml of shrub with 200ml of sparkling water or soda water and ice for a delightfully bitter, slightly tangy botanical soda.


Organic apple vinegar, Local fresh ruby grapefruit, local sugar and Australian grown galaxy hops.

Limited Edition: Ruby Grapefruit & Galaxy Hops - Pyewackets Traditional