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Digestive Aperitif (alcohol free)

Aperitif: a drink taken before meals with the intention of stimulating the appetite and supporting digestion and detoxification. This herb forward tonic is a deliciously bitter alternative to alcohol based aperitifs. 
To make: pour 1 to 2 tablespoons of Flora Cider Tonic over ice in a glass. 
Top up with soda water (around 200ml depending on the size of your glass).
Serve 30 minutes before food for herbal digestive support. 
Garnish with fruit slices or flower petals if you wish. 
🌿  For even more digestive boost and bitterness I like to add 10 drops of our Aromatic Bitters. It really highlights the citrus and brings out more bitterness, whilst adding even more digestive herbs to the mix - x Katrina 
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