mango lime jalenpeno shrub for margaritas
mango lime jalapeno shrub and margarita suggestion
mango lime jalapeno shrub large bottle

Mango Lime Jalapeño Shrub

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For the lovers of agave spirits- this shrub was designed to be the perfect complement. Mango smoothes the smokey qualities of mezcal. Lime brightens the piquant nature of tequila. Fresh jalapeño for warmth and base. Serve as a margarita with a salted rim, or use just a splash in a shot of good spirit, sipped.

🥭 For booze free babes - this makes an incredible alcohol free margarita with incredible smooth texture - find the recipe here

Available in 200ml and 500ml.

Pop in the fridge when you get it. 


Cold Pressed Limes, Fresh local mango flesh, Raw Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Raw Sugar, Fresh Jalapeño Peppers.

Lovemore Fermentary, 59b Bridge Street, North Lismore, NSW, Australia