Classic Old Fashioned - Pyewackets Traditional

Classic Old Fashioned

old fashioned cocktail with real bitters
Bursting with fresh orange zest, Pyewackets Aromatic Bitters are the perfect companion for a classic Old Fashioned cocktail. 
Don't have any sugar cubes? We make a cute Old Fashioned Cocktail gift set that contains sugar cubes, our Aromatic Bitters and some dehydrated blood orange rounds to get you started. 

To make a Botanical Classic Old Fashioned:
Pop one sugar cube in each old fashioned glass 
add 30 drops of Aromatic Bitters directly onto the sugar cube
add just a teaspoon of soda water and stir to dissolve the sugar
pour in 60ml of your favourite bourbon or rye
gently pop in one giant ice cube
garnish with orange peel or dehydrated orange wheel 

🥃 🍊

Aromatic Bitters and old fashioned cocktail trimmings gift box

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