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Strawberry Rose Frosé

Strawberry Rose Frosé frozen rosé recipe

This is not a spontaneous drink idea. You'll need to prepare one day ahead for this one but it's totally worth it.

Pick a sweet and bold full-flavoured rosé, it works better than dry (trust me, I usually prefer dry rosé too).

Freeze your rosé into cubes in an ice cube tray overnight, they will still be a bit slushy the next day, that's perfect. Place equal amounts of rosé cubes and plain water cubes in a blender. Blend till smooth and slushie with 20mls Strawberry Rose shrub per serve. (If you are using the whole bottle of rosé then add 100mls of shrub). Poor into big round wine glasses and garnish with frozen berries or a dried rosebud if you are feeling fancy.

Pretty Strawberry Rose Frozé photograph by Pyewackets Shrubs fan @breefromgoldtoastsupperclub

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